February is always exciting: it’s the month when the sun finally makes its appearance after a long winter’s hibernation, holidays abound from Groundhog’s Day to President’s Day, and it’s the start of your second school semester which means you’re officially halfway to summertime again! It’s no surprise that cheerleaders were overloaded over this past month–what, with school and competitions and sideline cheer and everything in between! Because of this, we know that cheerleaders need gear on the go and there’s probably more than a few cheer accessories packed into you gym bag! Valentine’s Day may already be behind us, but we still want to know which cheer accessory you love the most!

We asked the question, 545 votes were cast, and now we reveal the most (and least) popular answers:

Drum roll, please!

1. The most popular answer BY FAR was hair bows. A whopping 61% said that your heart lies in your hair accessories, and we totally get it! The jumbo performance hair bow is a cheerleading staple, and with so many fun styles on the market nowadays, you never have to wear the same bow twice. It doesn’t have to be performance-sized either to turn heads; hair bows range in all sizes and all colors, which you can customize to your school or team colors!

2. In a distant second place, 15% of you answered cheer bags. Well, with all those bows you love so much, you have to have a large cheer bag to carry them around! Bags for cheerleaders hold not only all of your cheerleading essentials, but also proclaim to the world that you’re proud to be a cheerleader at the same time. No ordinary backpack can do that!

3. It might have been a far second place, but a close third! 12.5% of you said that glitter is your favorite cheer accessory, and we have to admit it–glitter is amazing. It’s the one thing that goes with every outfit! And glitter addicts will love our Glitterbug® glitter kits that we offer just for cheerleaders. Oh, and our glitter bags. And our glitter bows! Sparkle on, glitter lovers!

4. Fourth place goes to shimmery poms with 8.5%. Poms are a great accessory, especially to throw and toss around during your cheer routines! However, we understand that there are just too many other more lovable options available out there for cheerleaders that poms get knocked down on the list. It’s fun to mesmerize your crowd though by adding shimmer to your sidelines!

5. Socks with all different patterns came in dead last, with only 3% of you saying that they are your favorite. Again, super understandable that socks don’t get you as excited as hair bows do; spectators notice what’s on your head more than your feet! But, it is important to be a cheerleader from bow to toe, so put your best cheer foot forward in fun socks from time to time!

See the full results below and be sure to cast your vote for our new March poll, which is now available on our blog site!

Were you surprised about the results? Do you have a favorite cheer accessory that wasn’t listed? Tell us in the comments below!