School’s back in session, love is in the air, and we are officially headed towards springtime. There’s something about February that is exciting (mainly, how the weather is improving!), and cheerleaders know that feeling all too well. Basketball sideline season is underway, competitions are happening right and left, and tryouts are right around the corner. You may be too busy to even catch your breath! Because of this, we want to highlight what you may have missed in cheer news over the last month–and it was a lot, considering how short February is!

  • We’ve released a new eBook! Omni Cheer University has made an entire eBook dedicated to helping cheerleaders not only make attainable personal and professional goals, but also included instructions on how to make those goals happen. We focused on potential setbacks along the way to the finish line, whether those problems are coming from external sources or inside your own head. Here’s how you can get your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Cheer Goals.

  • Tryouts are coming up fast! Do you know if you’re ready? There are several things that cheerleaders should be doing this time of year in order to be prepared for tryouts, and CheerLiving Magazine® released a new episode to tell you all about it! In the latest episode of their cheerleading web series entitled “How to Build a Solid Foundation for Tryouts”, CheerLiving expands on all the elements of getting fit and breaks them down as a visual guide for cheerleaders to know exactly what to do. And it’s not just about working out! The video points out lifestyle habits that help with overall wellbeing. So, what are you waiting for? Get to watching before it’s too late! View the episode here.

  • Do you know if your heart truly beats in eight counts? We asked cheerleaders to hypothetically head to the mall and see if they identify with certain cheer-related scenarios while out in public. We also paired them to GIFs for visual aides. This quiz does not require a doctor’s visit and these 10 GIFs couldn’t be more perfect!

  • We are very proud to announce our spring line of cheer gear coming soon to digital outlets on March 1st! Our print catalogs are to follow later in the month, so watch out for our mailers when they arrive at your door. In the meantime, you are fully able to shop our new arrivals online all March long.

  • Are your routines getting a little stale? Do you need some added pizzazz and extra sparkle, but just can’t quite figure out what’s missing? One cheer expert revealed in February how to use poms to their full potential and really get the crowd going! Poms are great props to use, and there really is no limit to their versatility. Just in case you need some ideas to get you going, click here to learn “Five Ways to Incorporate Poms into Your Routines”. Your audience will thank you!

What cheer news did you talk about this month? Share your stories in the comments below.