Being a cheerleader has many different kinds of meanings. The obvious definitions are sideline, competitive, recreational, college, professional… yet there are several subcategories of each, as well! You can’t just lump all cheerleaders into a group, and say that they’re all alike–because they aren’t! Where a cheerleader is cheering, and what they’re cheering for really matters when it comes to a cheerleader’s experience participating on a team. Are you working towards a performance victory? A sports team win? Or, just for fun to gain experience on a rec team? Most cheer blogs don’t cater to specific cheerleading groups, so we went ahead and wrote spotlights on a few.

  • Some cheerleaders start cheering as soon as they can walk and talk, but some cheerleaders come into the sport much later in life. No matter which way you wind up a cheerleader, your cheer career escalates once you hit high school. Juggling school, your adolescent social life, and cheer teams isn’t an easy gig, so we highlight What It’s Like to Be a High School Cheerleader.

  • Being a cheerleader, in any way, makes you aware of what’s going on in Texas. Texas remains the cheer capitol of the United States, and historically speaking, that state has earned it! With the Texas Cowboys cheerleaders being one of the most prestigious NFL gigs to land, Texas cheerleading truly is a high-stakes activity. But, what’s it really like to be a Texas cheerleader? Have you ever wondered what makes Texas cheer teams the best of the best? We might not know first-hand how it is there, but we have some ideas that we bring front and center in An Outsider’s Opinion on Being a Cheerleader in Texas.

  • Age is a big factor in your cheer experience. As you grow older, cheerleading becomes more and more competitive–whether you’re on a competitive team, or not! Going full out isn’t something that a youth cheerleader normally says, because you might still be learning basic motions, jumps, and tumbles. That’s good that youth cheerleading starts simple, since young cheerleaders learn how to go full out better later in life! There are many benefits to getting involved with cheer at a young age, so we compiled 5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Join a Pee Wee Cheer Team. And, that goes for Pop Warner and rec teams, too!

  • Cheerleading has certainly evolved over the years to be what it is today. Looking back, cheerleaders used to participate a lot differently than what goes on nowadays. But, what was it like cheering back in the day? What events are notable for modern cheerleaders? With all that has happened over last century in cheerleading, we assembled A Brief History of Cheerleading highlighting the differences between then and now. For cheerleaders in the 21st Century, you’re the ones compelling the sport forward for the future! 

What are other different types of cheerleaders that you want to learn about? Let us know in the comments below, and we will write about them, too!