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Get all the tips you need to succeed as a cheerleader, a captain, a coach or a cheer parent. The library features information and answers for everything cheer including tryouts, uniform ordering, fundraising, living a cheer lifestyle and more with step-by-step visual guides for cheer motions, stances and stunts!

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Cheerleading Blog Library

The Complete Guide To Tumbling For Cheerleading: Get all the tips, tricks and information on the tumbling moves you need to succeed as a cheerleader.

Introduction To Stunt Groups For Cheerleading: Whether you are a flyer, base or spotter, you can find your position highlighted in its own comprehensive section.

Cheer Camp: How To Prepare And Be Successful: Thinking about attending cheer camp? Wondering what to expect when you get there? Not sure what to bring to camp?

Cheerleading Choreography: Get The Moves Without The Blues: Get tips for developing choreography, choosing music and finding, hiring and working with a choreographer.

A Cheerleader's Guide To College Prep: There is a lot to consider, and keep track of, when applying for college. Use these guidelines to help you get started.

Cheer Competition Guide For Coaches: Find out which teams should compete, how to choose the right competition for your team and what to expect at a cheer competition.

Cheer Competition Guide For Cheerleaders and Parents: Use this guide to help you prepare for competition season and get tips for travel, hair and makeup, and news resources.

Conflict Resolution Tips For Cheerleading Squads: Keep your team attitude healthy with these conflict resolution tips for coaches, captains, team members and parents.

Guide To Fundraising For Cheerleading: Get planning tips for camp, competition and season fundraising, and ideas for giving back to the community that supports your team.

Tips For Ordering Cheerleading Uniforms: Here is a plan of attack that will help you start, and manage, the different stages of the ordering process for cheerleading uniforms.

Cheerleader's Guide To Planning The Perfect Prom: Start planning for prom early! This guide will help you with budget, activities and beauty. It even includes a day-of-prom checklist!

Inspiring Spirit: Tips and Tricks for Cheerleaders: Learn the activities that cheerleaders participate in, refresh your game knowledge and get tips for game day.

Team Building Tips For Cheerleading Squads: Learn about the foundations of building trust on a squad and get detailed examples that will help your team interact and work together.

Tips and Tricks for Cheerleading Tryouts: This complete guide covers everything you need to know to help you prep for cheerleading tryouts.

Cheerleader's Guide To A Successful School Year: Define what it means to be an athlete, get ready for cheer season, learn how to care for your cheerleading gear and prepare for the future.
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