Over the month of December, we start to pay more attention to the needs of others and are less concerned about our own interests. It’s a time of giving; it’s a time of connecting with friends and family; it’s a time of rebuilding the community for the better. The holidays emphasize selflessness, and it’s a shame that the care and compassion people show to each other doesn’t last beyond the season. Cheerleaders, however, are the exception to the rule and can be the forerunners to spread good cheer throughout all year long!

Your teammates stick by you, through good times and bad, and your team is pretty much family. You may have gotten them gifts over the holidays, but now that they are over, it’s important to continue to strengthen these relationships. Certain activities can be done throughout the entire year to show your teammates that you care for them and ultimately promote team bonding.

As a cheerleader, you are expected to boost morale around your school and be a role model for your peers. Your uniform stands as a symbol of school spirit, and that means both on and off the sidelines. The school semesters tend to weigh heavy in the middle of them, and it’s up to you to turn hallway frowns upside down when everyone is under big school deadlines and taking exams. So, whether your school just lost a rival game or everyone is stressed out for finals, bring cheer to your school with some fun and creative activities.

It’s a no-brainer: the people closest to you, who support you and nurture you, matter the most. So, making them know that they are appreciated is something you should always strive to do. This is pretty obvious, but it’s especially important for you to lift up your friends and family when times get tough. Life isn’t always fair, so when the unexpected happens, here are ways to spread cheer to your loved ones–no matter the season.

Just like your school peers, the community looks at cheerleaders as examples of change. People recognize the uniforms in public and get excited when cheerleaders volunteer or give back within the community. Fundraising is easy when you promote a cause people are passionate about, but sometimes it’s not about making a buck. You should also show people in your community that you’re thankful for their support and here are some ideas that can let them know.

Don’t stop at your community; spread cheer to the whole world! Being a cheerleader makes you very approachable, usually due to your happy and welcoming demeanor and the fact that you emanate confidence. You can be the change this world needs, and spreading cheer outside of your community is easier than ever (thanks to modern technology). So, hop online, share your story, and motivate others anywhere in the world because you are truly that influential.

How else do cheerleaders spread cheer? Do you think spreading cheer all year long is important? Tell us what you think in the comments below.