As for most students, college has probably been in the back of your mind since an early age. Going to college after high school marks the first real decision you can make as an adult: nobody’s forcing you to continue school, you’re finally of age to leave home, and you now have the freedom to plan your life any way you see fit. But, although total freedom sounds fun, you can have that AND attend college at the same time–and that’s ultimately the best route to take for your future goals. Some kids may get discouraged about higher education due to their family financial circumstances or low grades over the years, but the truth about going to college is, if you want it, truly want it, nothing can stop you from attending college except you. Major universities only look at your high school cumulative GPA with the last two years in mind anyway, so if you’re wary about any C’s you received in freshman year, you most likely are in the clear! Besides, cheerleaders have to maintain a B-average in high school just to participate on cheer teams, so you know you already have college-worthy grades! With your SATs taken and your grades set, it’s now time to determine where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. That’s right, seniors, it’s college application time! Here are a few articles that can help you make your university dreams come to life:

  • Bogged down with application essays? The problem with college application essays is that they not only hold your fate in their substance, but also coincide with the essays you’re already writing for your 12th grade English class! That’s a lot of writing! So, to keep from sabotaging your chances of getting in your college of choice, we’ve compiled 7 Tools to Help Cheerleaders Write the Perfect Admissions Essay.

  • College, like cheerleading, is a costly endeavor. If you’re not in the privileged category when it comes to family finances, you might be scared about even applying to college when you know you and your parents can’t afford it. But, college scholarships exist for this very reason! And, there’s not just one either; there are literally thousands of college scholarships out there that get awarded to college-bound high school seniors every year to help them pay full or partial tuition in the fall. Here’s How Cheerleaders Can Score a College Scholarship.

  • Time’s a’ticking! You might’ve started your senior year fall semester with plenty of time to plan your college life, but before you know it, it’s already October and your peers are already submitting the final versions of their applications when you haven’t even started. Don’t let another minute pass by without the 2 Essential Things to Know About College Application Deadlines.

  • You did it! You applied everywhere you wanted to go and more (safety schools, of course). Once November is over, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. But, come springtime, you will probably have quite a few acceptance letters coming your way as a result of your dedicated college efforts. What to do if you have to make a tough decision between schools?? Don’t worry, we put together a Cheerleader Edition of How to Choose Between Colleges.

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