Everything Cheer Squads Need to Know About Making a Difference

by omni

Giving back is a big part of cheerleading. Cheerleaders work hard to raise spirits and support their school and teams. On the blog last month, we brainstormed some ways for you to go even further than your normal cheer duties take you. Here are some ways for you and your squad to make even more of a difference in the world: You can start by making a difference right where you are‚ with your teammates! The friendships you build through cheerleading will prove to be some of the best, most enduring relationships of your life. You spend your time together even outside of the gym because no one gets you like they do! We listed four ways (with gifs!) for you to show your appreciation for your teammates. (Source: Tumblr.com) Giving back doesn’t always mean an extra time commitment. We came up with three ways you can make a difference while cheering at a game or competition. Has your squad done any of these? As a cheerleader, you’ve probably done a lot of fundraising and relied heavily on community support. Here is your chance to give back and make a difference in your community. We know cheerleaders have big hearts, so we listed five ways to use them. If you are a cheer coach or captain, you have a lot of responsibilities. What it all comes down to though is leading and inspiring your athletes to be the best they can be. One way you do this is by helping them give back to their school, community, and each other. While you’re at it, we’ve got four ways you can give back to your hard-working cheer squad! How does your squad make a difference?

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