Happy New Year! With it being January now, that means the holidays are officially over. Even though the spirit of the holidays may be lingering, it’s nice to have the special feelings of friend and family bonding in your recent past. There’s so many things to love about the holiday season, but we wanted to know your absolute favorite thing!

Over the past month, 152 of you cast your vote for what you love most about the holidays. We asked, you responded, now here are the results:

It is of no surprise that a large majority of you answered “spending time with friends and family”–a whopping 40%!  Obviously, that is what the season is all about. Whether that means giving gifts, receiving presents, or just bonding with your loved ones in a special way, the holidays definitely bring people together in this busy world of ours. And it’s not a bad idea to continue to make time for your loved ones, now that the New Year is here! (Cough, New Year’s resolution.)

The second most popular answer was “having a break from school”. Well, although the break is nice, it shows that cheerleaders are school-oriented to appreciate such a break in order to hit the second semester even harder than the first. Cheerleaders are academic champions! But, nothing beats being able to sleep in over reporting to homeroom. So, let’s not talk any more about how the spring semester is approaching fast…

The third most popular answer is actually a surprising one. Coming in third place in our poll was “giving and receiving presents”; in such a materialistic society, it’s nice to know that cheerleaders still value the true meaning of the holidays and regard gifts as an afterthought. Go cheerleaders!

The least chosen answer was “eating delicious food”, which may mean that you are watching your weight for competitions. Although weight management (especially for flyers) is important, do not feel that you cannot indulge in holiday treats because of your strict diet regimen. A few extra calories won’t matter! If this isn’t the reason you chose other answers, then good: you probably just liked other holiday things a little bit more, which is understandable because being festive is fun!

Regardless of what you liked best and least, we hope you had a holly, jolly holiday season and a very happy New Year! Don’t forget to make a cheerleading resolution for 2016!

See the full results below and be sure to vote in our new January poll, now available on our site!

Were you surprised by the results? Do you like something about the holidays that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below and maybe we can include it the next time around!