A Dad Joined His Daughter’s Cheer Team to Lose Weight (VIDEO)

by omni

Yes, that headline is entirely accurate! In order to lose some major weight, a man in Horwich, England decided to combine exercise with father-daughter bonding: he joined his 7-year-old daughter’s cheerleading squad, the Hunters Cheerleading troupe. It all started when Darren Peacock was pulled onto the cheer mat by his daughter, Amy Jorja to help her team with lifting flyers. Darren quickly tired and was out of breath, leading him to realize how out of shape he was. But rather than never volunteer again, he agreed to be the only male member of the team, knowing that this could be a great opportunity to get in shape. While his coworkers playfully make fun of his new hobby, he’s not in the least phased. Reported by Daily Mail, he said, “The lads at work give me stick all the time, but I don’t care. I enjoy it. It’s fun plus there’s the health aspect too. I’ve lost [weight] and I put a lot of that down to the cheerleading and eating healthier.” Not only has Darren gotten in shape and lost some major pounds (he went from 243 pounds down to 208), but he’s also had a great opportunity to work with his daughter (and they even have matching cheer uniforms!). “Amy and I practice together at home a lot. It’s mainly me helping her with her stretching, balancing and tumbling. We’ll even practice when we’re on holiday.” Darren learned firsthand how fun cheerleading is and, he said, cheerleading also inspired him to eat healthier so he can perform better. Together on the team, they’ve competed at three competitions and plan to keep cheering! Darren also recommends other men try out cheerleading! “I’d definitely advise other men to get involved. It’s better than the gym. It’s not all about doing feminine moves like shaking your hips – it’s throwing and catching.” To see some great photos, a video, and to read more about the story, visit Daily Mail, here.

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