Cheerleading takes a village! The cheerleaders are the star of the show, coaches are the directors, and team parents do everything else. Team parents are the unsung heroes of the cheerleading community. These parents carpool, bring snacks, arrange fundraising, collect money, and honestly do all the grunt work no one else wants to do...AND they don’t even get paid for it! To show our appreciation to all those team parents out there, here are some crafty ideas to show some love to our unsung heroes.

1) COFFEE Mugs!

Buy a few ceramic cups with lids.  You can find these online or even at the dollar store. 

Additional Supplies

I love DIY and I have tried both the glitter dipped mug and the sharpie mug. For a team parent as hard working as yours, they probably deserve both! Pick yourself up a pack of sharpies, some glitter, a paint brush, masking tape, and some Mod Podge.  I found all 5 items in the dollar section at Target.    

Using sharpie write any saying or draw a fun design onto the ceramic cup. You can use stencils or freehand a design. Once you are satisfied with your final product,  preheat your oven to 350 degrees and cook your mug for 30 minutes. Leave the mug out to cool before adding any glitter.

Use masking tape, section off whatever design you would like onto the mug. Coat the designated section with Mod Podge and then add glitter. Give the glue and glitter some time to dry then go back and go over the glitter with more Mod Podge, let glue dry, and apply an additional coat of Mod Podge over the glitter. You may need to repeat this step a few times. It does take a full 28 days for the Mod Podge to fully cure. If you don’t have 28 days, you can do without glitter, or inform your team parent that the mug is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed. It might be nice to also include a bag off coffee or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop inside the mug! What better way to say thank you for all of their hard work?

2) Keepsake

If you had a team parent who went above and beyond for your team, you can create a really cute keepsake. Pick up a frame from your local craft store, use a team picture or cheer bow as your primary focus (or both like below).

Have all the cheerleaders on the team sign the mat around the picture or directly onto the bow. Place the image in a regular frame or if you are using a bow a shadow box fame. It is a great personalized keepsake as a way to say thank you--they're practically part of the team!

3) Care Package

Team parents do a lot for the team, so when creating a care package instead of packing a basket full of goodies, the team parent could have their own personalized cheer bag to match the team full of goodies. 

Some ideas to include in the care package could be: 

  • personalized blanket
  • blanket that matches the team colors
  • seat cushion for those long days of sitting on bleachers
  • gas or coffee gift card
  • reusable water bottle
  • cheer swag (like a pom or bow keychain)
  • Their favorite snacks or candies

A care package is a fun and easy way to personalize a gift for your favorite team parent! 

Here are a few cheer swag item ideas:

Chassé® Mini Glitter Bow Keychain

Cheer parents are a pivotal part of the team. Take some time and give a little something back to show your appreciation. No matter if it's a gift or a card, a fun cheer themed wreath for the front door, a personalized tee shirt, it will show your team parent the same love they've been giving you all season. You would not be where you are today without their help!