Being involved in cheerleading often leads to becoming absorbed in it. It’s hard not to get bitten by the ‘cheer-bug’ once you realize everything that goes into being a cheerleader, a cheer parent, a cheer coach, or anything in between! Once you’re in, you’re in for good–and life could not be more exciting! However, no matter what role you fill in the cheer world, there are times of uncertainty, tough decisions, and tight spots. Sometimes, you just have to brush things under the proverbial rug and move on, hoping that no one noticed. Or, maybe you keep problems bundled up inside without it ever coming to the surface (hopefully). Either way, there are secrets in cheerleading, and we want to expose them once and for all! Here are four cheer confessionals that we’ve compiled: all revealing what you’ve held inside for too long, all set to GIFs. Recognize any of these??

  • First off, competitive cheerleaders hold a different mindset than their sideline brothers and sisters; this is, of course, due to the fact that competitive cheerleaders perform for different reasons and for different audiences. There are no judges watching at Friday Night games! Because of the vigorous training embedded in competitive cheer (as well as the stigma), there are 6 Confessions of Competitive Cheerleaders that don’t necessarily transfer over to the sidelines.

  • But, what if you’re brand new to it all? You don’t just ‘dip your toes’ in cheerleading–you’re forced to dive in headfirst. No matter if you’ve just landed a spot on a school or a competitive team, you probably are experiencing your fair share of ‘firsts’, problems, and doubts. It’s easy to get overwhelmed! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are the Confessions of a Brand New Cheerleader, all in one GIF list.

  • And, cheerleaders aren’t the only ones with secrets! Let’s talk about cheer parents–specifically, sideline cheer parents. Sitting on those bleachers during the fall football season gets colder and colder, and you’ve never noticed how little winter wear you actually own until you’re bundled in every last scarf, coat, mitten, and hat. But, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Watching your little cheerleader shine is amazing, but there are some things you keep to yourself every Friday night. You’re so busted, since there are 5 Confessions of a Sideline Cheer Parent that we know about… and don’t act like you don’t!
  • Lastly, cheer coaches can’t do it all. That’s where cheer captains come in the picture–to help with team duties and keep up the team spirit. Even though being Captain is a great accomplishment and title, it’s harder than it seems! Cheer captains have to put up with a lot of flack, and captains can start to be discouraged with their efforts if there are too many unexpected bumps in the cheer road. They might keep it on the hush, but there are some things that captains never talk about, and we reveal what those are in 4 Confessions of a Cheer Captain.

Do any of these GIFs seem familiar? Do you have your own cheer confession that didn’t make the list? Spill what you’ve been holding inside in the comments!