It' almost time for season 2 of Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader! Our friends at Cheer Channel, Inc. have announced the release date for February 2013. We're excited to see the new season, and we can't wait to see how fierce the cast looks in Chassé® cheer accessories and apparel, and how spirited they look in their Glitterbug® Cosmetics® looks!

Check out this teaser for the new season:

SECRET DIARY OF AN AMERICAN CHEERLEADER 2: THE FIERCE ONE: Cheer Channel Inc. (CCI), the #1 online entertainment provider for the spirit industry, announced the start of production for Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader 2, The Fierce One, on location in Austin, Texas in early 2013. This is the second season of the "Secret Diary" franchise, an anthology of different stories that will combine elements of drama, comedy, and All-Star cheerleading action targeted to teens and tweens. The first season of the web-series has over 1 million total views across the CCI social media and syndicated platforms.

In Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader 2, The Fierce One, the "Texas Twisters" are two-time, All-Star National Champions headed for a three-peat when a mysterious v-logger covertly tapes the teams top stars and posts their personal secrets to the web. CheerBoard, the industry's top gossip website, is on fire with rumors of fighting and betrayal. The Twisters must reveal the identity and motives of this determined enemy before he or she destroys not only their chances at a championship, but their lifelong friendships as well. The Fierce One will consist of 6 weekly episodes, 6-8 minutes in length and will air in 2013 on the CCI website and social media platforms, YouTube, as well as through Dish Satellite, Roku, Boxee, Vimeo and BlipTV.

"Although our initiative as Cheer Channel was to create original programming for cheerleaders, we clearly were able to capture those tween and teen girls and their families who enjoy great shows that have the excitement of cheerleading as a backdrop," said Cindy Villarreal, founder and CEO of Cheer Channel, and co-creator of the franchise.

Asjha Cooper, an actress for the Kim Dawson Agency out of Dallas, Texas, will play the lead role of Jessica, the Texas Twisters captain and leader. Jessica is suffering from family problems at home, which causes her to spend her nights alone at the gym. She feels compelled to hide this from her friends and teammates in order to maintain her image as a solid, dependable leader for her team.

Kylie Muczko, an actress for The Clutts Agency, Inc. out of Dallas, Texas, will play the lead role of Courtney, the Twisters talented, fashion-conscious, but very unorganized flyer. Courtney's irresponsibility is ultimately her greatest flaw and her teammates constantly cover for her clumsy mistakes.

Juliana DeStefano, an actress for The Linicomn Agency out of Dallas, Texas, will play the lead role of Donna, the beautiful and vain member of the Texas Twisters. Donna is obsessed with her image and this, along with her constant boy problems makes her insecure and emotional.

Lauren Bray, an actress for the Collier Talent Agency in Austin,Texas, will play the supporting role of Lorraine, the coaches daughter and also a member of the Twisters. Lorraine is not one of the best cheerleaders on the team, nor the most popular, but she does her best to fit in.

Mason Dye, an actor for Kim Dawson Talent out of Dallas, Texas, will play the supporting role of Brandon, Donna's on-and-off boyfriend and the team photographer for the Texas Twisters.

Quetta Carpenter, an actress for the Collier Talent Agency in Austin, Texas, will play the role of Coach Tracy, one of the most well known coaches in All-Star cheerleading, known as much for her tough and demanding style that has brought her a record number of World Championships, as her sideline antics in mini-skirts and high heels.

Cami Branson, a model, actress, and real All-Star cheerleader from Dallas, Texas, will play the supporting role of Jill, the captain and leader of the Shooting Stars All-Stars, the fiercest competitors to the Texas Twisters.

Kyle Blitch, an actor and former cheerleader who made an appearance in Season 1 of Secret Diary, will play himself as the CCI correspondent covering the All-Star cheer competition between the "Texas Twisters" and "Shooting Stars." Russell Miller, coach for Cheer Elite in Austin, Texas will play Assistant Coach Steve for the "Twisters." Jacinto Hoss, well-recognized choreographer and former NCA coach, will play Coach Rob, head coach for the Shooting Stars. Hoss also played a role in Bring it On: In It To Win It as a "West Coach Sharks" cheerleader.

Other All-Star cheerleaders who will appear in the show playing various roles include; Nolan Higgins, Abbey Burns, Apple Graceffa, Holden Ray, Hope Bravo, Macie Dickey, Kristin Basquill, Maison Baker, and Taylor and Tyler Steinmark.


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