If you are entering your junior or senior year of high school, you need to start seriously thinking about what you are going to do when high school, and high school cheerleading, is over. If college is a part of your plan, you need to start prepping and organizing now. Yes, n-o-w. The sooner, the better! Use the guidelines and checklists in this free book to get help you started!

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Sneak Peek

Chapter 1 Applying For College: How To Get Started
There is a lot to consider, and keep track of, when applying for college. Use the guidelines below, from CollegeBoard.com's College Application Calendar, to help you stay on track with month-by-month tasks!

Chapter 2 Applying For College: Avoiding A Mess-ay
The essay is as important to your college application as spirit is to your cheerleading squad. Without a properly thought-out, insightful and grammatically correct essay, your college application will be DOA. Use these tips make sure that your essay keeps you flying high in your potential colleges' eyes!

Chapter 3 What To Expect When You're "˜Accept'-ing
Now that you've dotted all your "˜i's and crossed all your "˜t's on your college application and perfected your essays "“ bring on the acceptance letters! Ok, so it doesn't exactly work that way. Truth is, you might be stuck in limbo about your future for a little while. Check out the breakdown of when to expect a response, how it might come and what to do if you get 'wait-listed'.

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