The new summer issue of CheerLiving®  is here and now available! It's our fourth issue and one year anniversary. We are so thankful to all our readers, as we've grown so much in just one year. For this special one year anniversary issue, our cover girl is Elle Smith, an All Star cheerleader, Worlds competitor, and Chassé® spokesmodel. You can read an interview with her inside the issue.

A big focus of this issue is, of course, summer! Learn what to expect at cheer camp, how to stay cool in the hot sun, and see some summer practice outfit inspiration. We'll also show some amazing uniforms for the sidelines and the competition mat. Many of this issue's topics are also all about success. Around this time of year, seniors are graduating and soon-to-be-freshmen are preparing for high school. Follow our tips for adjusting to life after high school cheer, how to be a great teammate, and what successful cheerleaders do everyday. We even share tips on how to get an endorsement deal (like Cheer Channel's Superstars of All-Stars), how to properly behave on social media, and more.

Remember, CheerLiving® offers free digital subscriptions and when you subscribe, you get instant access to this issue and the previous ones. We hope you love the newest issue. Enjoy!