At schools within Maine's Bonny Eagle School District, cheerleading isn't taken lightly. As the WCSH local news appropriately states, "Cheerleading here is not rainbows and polka dots."

The Bonny Eagle cheerleading program starts in first grade. 40 of the 350 student athletes are cheerleaders, making it the second largest sport next to football. It's also a family sport "“ 11 of the cheerleaders are all sisters!

The cheerleaders are dedicated and passionate about their sport, and perhaps that's partly because they have great support from the schools. Cheer coach Leavitt starts her team off with lots of cardio work, continuing with stunts and tumbling. At football games, the cheerleaders do a pushup for every point the team scores.

High school junior cheerleader Karly Cannell tells WCSH news that they don't just cheer on the sidelines. "We sweat. We work just as hard as any other sport. We just bring it all together at the end and look pretty too on top of it."

For Karly, cheer is life. For her, she says, learning a new tumbling pass is "almost like getting a new car to me. It's all I do all the time."

Not only do we love seeing so much passion from so many cheerleaders, but we also love seeing how much support the cheerleading program receives from the school district, parents, and the Standish, Maine community.

Learn more in the news video below:

News Source: WCSH6
Is your community and school supportive of your cheerleading program?