Serving face is almost as important as cheering itself. The now famous meme of North Carolina cheerleader, Ryan Cummings, giving some serious, “I run this competition” face, proves how entertaining and fierce cheer facial expressions can be.


Ryan may have broke the internet with some serious attitude, but some of these other cheerleaders are circulating the internet for an entirely different reason. Call it bad timing or a picture taken at just the wrong or right moment, here are some ways to avoid epic cheerleading facial fails.


You might looked worried because your team is down 17 points or you're nervous about the half time performance.  As a cheerleader, you know once the uniform is on, people are watching. Sometimes you have to fake your confidence to make it.  The first step is to look your part! Put on a smile even if you a freaking out on the inside. A smile can really change your attitude and make you feel more confident--even if your insides are doing backflips.

Thinking too much: 

At competition your adrenaline is pumping. You're trying to remember your routine and hit every mark. You might be too busy concentrating on killing it (which you will) that you forgot to smile. You love cheer and we all know you live for competition season, so show it! You have been practicing this routine for months and you have it down! Smiling and getting into your performance will positively impact your score, so walk out on stage to take a moment, center yourself...and get into it!

Give me a…OH NO!

There are a barrage of fails online. It's not hard to find unflattering pictures taken at just the right moment. In preparation for this article, I found some, thought about using others...but it is not the intention of this article to make fun of anyone or make someone feel badly! Someone can take a picture of you at just the right moment and you might look downright crazy. You could find it hilarious or embarrassing but the good news is, chances are very slim that you will become a meme worthy sensation…unless that's your intention. So cheer on and work those facials--they score you points, embarrassing or not!

 So what?

So you have a total facial fail out there, so what?!  You just flipped through the air a few times, did an entire flawless performance, your poof it still perfect, and your team probably won. It's all because you're just that good! How do you avoid a facial fail? Chances are, you won’t. But who cares? You killed it, so walk out onto the stage much like Ryan Cummings did, like you own it. You’re a boss, don’t worry about some random picture taken at just the right moment. Go out there, have fun, and do your thing!

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