Each year, hundreds of cheerleading competitions are held around the world, and feature the most talented young cheer athletes in world. So what is all the fuss about, and should YOUR squad compete? This guide for coaches has tips for answering that question, choosing a competition and finding out what to expect at a competition.

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Should Your Cheerleading Squad Compete?
Competitive cheerleading is done for many of the same reasons other sports have competitions: trophies, recognition, scholarships, honors, prestige. But it is also more than that. Cheerleaders compete for the excitement. They compete because they have worked hard developing, learning and perfecting a routine. They compete because seeing the crowd react to them is a reward in itself. Before deciding if your squad is ready for the pressure and demands of competitions, consider these questions.

Tips For Choosing A Cheerleading Competition
If you are planning on taking your cheerleading squad from the sidelines to the competition floor this year, make sure you give them a chance to "˜Go, Fight, Win!' the big trophy, medals or scholarships.

What To Expect At Competition
Likely, your squad has been preparing for competition since summertime when you attended cheerleading camp. During competition season, the chatter and preparation gets even more intense, and you start to hear more and more about how to prepare your team with special routines, competition uniforms and stunt group conditioning guides. But what should coaches expect once they actually get to the competition? Whether you are going to a local or off-site competition, for one day or a couple days, start preparing with these quick tips.