There isn’t a lot in current pop culture for cheerleaders. Sure, there are the Bring It Ons, TV shows with cheerleader characters without illuminating what it’s like on a squad, a few movies that feature cheerleading as a side note, and a couple cheer novels written over the years… but those are all few and far between. It is no secret that cheerleading is highly overlooked by the entertainment industry. Thus, cheerleaders turn to magazines–the only entity on the American market that truly understands and caters to their passionate vocation.

One such magazine is CheerLiving®, a popular publication for everyone involved in the cheer industry! From coaches to parents, from college cheerleaders to pee wee youth, CheerLiving illuminates the hottest trends, the latest fashions, and the best advice. Everyone involved with cheer knows the industry is always changing, so CheerLiving is an excellent resource to stay up-to-date and in-the-know!

The magazine currently comes out four times a year, but their Spring Issue is a special one–it’s the extra-long, extra-informative annual Buyer’s Guide! Since spring is the time of year that in-stock cheer retailers receive their latest lines of cheer gear, this issue of CheerLiving showcases the brand-new, most anticipated items now available for purchase. The Buyer’s Guide tells you not only why you want these new arrivals for your team, but also where to get them! And, you don’t have to search far to find your favorite items… hint, hint.

One of our favorite articles in the new issue is “Sublimation Nation”. The two-page spread defines what sublimation is, the latest Double Knit and practice wear trend, and calls out how Chassé® now offers sublimated Men’s Wear. Talk about taking cheer to the next level, both on the mat and on the sidelines! CheerLiving even went a step further on the sublimation front, and made a video (featuring Chassé) that emphasizes all of the sublimation options available to a team. It IS the biggest, growing trend in cheerleading, after all!

The theme of this year’s Buyer’s Guide is #CheeringForChange: a tribute to all of the cheerleaders that are continually working towards improving their industry, both in large and small ways. Every day, cheerleaders strive for community betterment, breakthroughs in fitness and stunting, gender and racial equality in their sport, and to just have cheerleading acknowledged as a sport by now! There is always room to grow, and although cheerleading has come a long way since its origin, there are still glaring obstacles and discrepancies that need to be addressed for a better tomorrow. Throughout the issue, CheerLiving encourages its readers to engage their social media about what they are doing along these lines, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #CheeringForChange! Jump onboard with the movement by finding CheerLiving on Facebook and Twitter.

Sound good? Well, you haven’t even heard the best part–the new issue is FREE! The 2016 Spring Buyer’s Guide is now available as a free digital download on their website. Snag your copy today!

Did you see us in the new CheerLiving Spring Buyer’s Guide? What was your favorite cheer gear items you saw? Let us know in the comments below!