Poor sportsmanship or just playing around? That's the argument currently being fought at Oklahoma State . During a football game, an Oklahoma cheerleader attempted to trip an Oklahoma football player after the player made a touchdown. The incident was not only caught on tape, but also seen by many others, both in the stands and on the field. In the video (below), you can see the cheerleader, Jarid Atkinson, extend his foot out as the football player, Eric Striker, passes by. He then pulls his foot back and the football player isn't tripped.

Oklahoma State deputy athletic director Dave Martin said in a statement that, "the Oklahoma State athletics department does not condone, physical or verbally abusive acts toward anyone working, attending or competing in our athletic events. I have personally met with all the members of the OSU spirit team and verbalized our expectations for their representation of our department."

According to The Oklahoman, Jarid told Dave that he was just "playing around" and wasn't actually trying to trip Eric. Dave isn't buying that defense - or at least didn't think it funny - and says that Jarid will face consequences for his actions.

Do you think Jarid should be punished? Was he being a bad sport or was he just playing around after a touchdown victory? Tell us below with a comment!

News Source The Oklahoman