Most cheerleaders are well aware of Jamie Andries, a not-so-average teenager and cheerleader, who is a member of Cheer Athletics Cheetahs All Star cheer squad, is a 2013 Cheer Channel Superstar of All Stars, and a Chassé scholarship recipient.We've been following her incredible social media journey -- more than 400k followers on Instagram! -- as she's a great example of the powerful influence a cheerleader can have. Now, she's been featured in New York Magazine! We're happy to see a cheerleader moving up the ranks and making major news. This is more proof that cheerleading has a huge community.You can check out the entire article here and read more about her, including her social media rules, which include: "don't read the crazy comments, don't post when in a bad mood, allow Mom and Dad to monitor the account, and don't post front-camera selfies."Jamie AndriesPhoto courtesy of Jason Nocito