Stepping out onto the football field, standing in unison with your teammates on the sidelines, screaming for the winning touchdown–all of these moments make you thrilled that you chose to be a high school cheerleader. But what happens after high school? Committing to a college is hard enough without having to stress about how you can incorporate your love of cheer into the equation, so here are five things to get you pumped about life as a cheerleader after high school:

  1. It’s possible to keep cheering! You have to remember that with the right attitude, you can achieve anything! If your university of choice doesn’t offer a cheer team, find out if there are any all star gyms around the area or go straight to the big leagues and try out for professional cheerleading. Even better, commit to starting a cheerleading program at the school.
  2. Be your own recruiter. Unlike other sports, university recruiters do not actively scout high school cheerleaders. Therefore, you will likely have to contact your prospective school to let them know you want to try out for their cheer team. Once they know about you, your talent will take you the rest of the way.
  3. Scholarships are available. You may be able to obtain a cheer scholarship, but it is extremely rare for a school to hand out full rides. This is where your good grades come in! There are so many academic scholarships that athletes can earn to help pay partial (or full) tuition. Make sure you make school your first priority–with cheer a close second!–so you don’t miss out on additional higher education funding.
  4. You've got options.  College cheer isn’t your only option, especially if you face major financial blocks just to get enrolled. If cheer is something you really want to do, tackle it at a professional level: research your local NFL and NBA teams, submit an application for tryouts, and remember to mark your calendar for critical deadlines!
  5. Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader. Your options are endless to stay involved with cheer throughout your whole life–not just during your college years. If you want to remain hands-on in the sport, you can become a cheer coach or summer camp instructor. If you are more of a creative person, you can produce your own cheer videos on YouTube or even become an Omni Cheer Blog contributor! Make every day cheer-oriented, even if that just means cheering up a friend.