Cheerleading try out season is approaching! We've put together a free Introduction To Stunt Groups guide to help coaches, parents and cheerleaders that are new or want to advance get the 101 on the main positions for a cheerleading stunt group.

Designed to help beginners learn, condition and access tips, this comprehensive guide features a section for each position that includes responsibilities, strength training and trust building activities. Get your free copy now, and easily save, print and share this guide for reference during pre-season, camp, practice and coaching.

The guide also includes tips for preventing injuries! With only a few simple steps and some easy preparation, the likelihood of injury for your stunt group can be cut down significantly. Every squad should have an open discussion at the beginning of the season to discuss ways to stay healthy and perform well throughout the season.

Get your free copy now, and easily save, print and share this guide with your cheer community!

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Tips for Flyers

  • Keep your hips and thighs stable and never jolt your legs. This will help you maintain your own weight and control your movements.

  • Stand up as fast as possible, stay tight, and keep your legs straight and knees locked! Trust your bases to keep you from wiggling.

  • Don't try to balance yourself. You may overcorrect and cause injuries. The bases will balance you and you'll need to trust them. Learn how to fall properly in case of a stunt collapse.

Tips for Bases

  • If you have long hair you should put it in ponytail. Headbands are good if you have short hair.

  • Before you put your flyer in the air, make sure you and your fellow bases grab a shoe and work out timing, hand and finger positions and coordination. This gives you and your teammates a chance to work out any confusion before risking the safety of your flyer.

  • Never lift with your back. Always lift with your legs, and shift the weight into your shoulders as the lift progresses. A good way to ensure that you do not injure your back is to keep it straight.

Tips for Back Spotters

  • Keep your eyes open and your ears attentive at all times. Your eyes must never leave the flyer. You need to keep your focus on her at all times because missing just one second could result in serious injury. Also, listen for queues from the spotters and the flyer, as they will say "down" if they are uncomfortable or feel weakness in a stunt.

  • When you count out the stunt, make sure you yell it loudly and clearly so your entire stunt group, including the flyer, can hear it.

  • When loading a flyer into her stunt, make sure you have a firm grip on her waist and lift her up. DO NOT push her forward.

Download your free copy of the guide now to access all of the tips and other content.