Cheerleading teams may feel the most safe at home games, where surrounding are familiar, but keep in mind that those games draw large crowds and serious incidences can occur even on your home turf! While safety risks are low at these events, there are some things you can do (and make sure your school is doing) to ensure the safety of yourself, your team and your fans.

Safety At Home Games

  • Your school should be providing increased security during games. If they aren't, you should petition officials to give more attention to adequate staffing and advanced security strategies. If funding is a problem, it might be a good idea to talk to your school's athletic department about contributing some fundraising money toward security measures.

  • Make sure that your school has an adequate PA system that will allow for clear communication in the event of an emergency. If your school's system needs to be updated, consider asking a local business to donate a new system in exchange for long-term and prominent advertisements and promotions during games.

  • Cheerleading squads should have their own emergency preparedness plans in place. Each member of the team should be aware of all exit routes.

  • Squads should establish a "˜buddy system', so that it will be immediately apparent if anyone is missing. No cheerleader should visit the locker rooms or any non-populated and/or poorly lit area of the school grounds alone.

  • Your personal items should be locked in a locker or some other secure place. Visiting teams should have a separate locker room from the home team. If possible, keep all valuables, like jewelry, cell phones and money, off of school property during games and events.

  • While school rivalries can be fun and exciting, don't let emotions get out of hand. If someone in the crowd or on one of the teams starts to act aggressively, find your coach and a security member immediately.

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