It's no secret that we love cheerleading here on the blog. We love everything about cheerleading, from finally nailing stunts and cheering under stadium lights to the early morning practices and hair spray-filled lungs. And we know our readers feel the same way.

There's something for everyone to love with cheerleading! It takes a lot of people to make our sport great, from cheerleaders themselves to coaches, cheer parents, cheer fans, and supporters. Whether you're the one cheering, making the routines come together, supporting the athletes, or enjoying the performance  from the stands, you're an integral part of cheer!

If you love cheerleading as much as we do, you may have found yourself wondering if you love cheer too much. Now there's a quiz to find out.

Take this very official cheerleading quiz to see if you love cheer too much:love cheer
Well, do you love cheer too much? Tell us what you got in the comments!