Sometimes, there’s a gap between expectations and reality when it comes to your child being out of the house. You might have several emotions about your cheerleader leaving for cheer camp, ranging from anxiousness to calmness to excitement to agonizing sadness. Whether separation anxiety is hitting you hard or not this time around, here’s what is probably going to go down when your child gets to cheer camp for a few weeks.

1. Relaxing expectation.


It is summertime! It is the perfect time to relax. Kick those shoes off, pick up that book you finally have time to read, or ‘Netflix and chill’–like, actually chill.  Close your eyes, imagine it: sitting on the couch and turning on that movie you have wanted to watch for over a year, but have not ever had the time. Or, run yourself a nice relaxing bubble bath while you pour a nice big glass a wine… so what if it is noon? it is 5 o’clock somewhere, and mom is on vacation!

Relaxing reality.

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Well, you tried. Then, you realized you haven’t really slept for years, and your kid is finally at cheer camp. You just passed out for 5 hours on the couch. When is the last time you had a nap? I mean, a real nap–an uninterrupted nap without some little voice a room away saying “mom” every ten minutes? It is amazing! When you wake up and realize your kid is still at camp, you can always take that bubble bath or restart that movie you have been dying to watch, because you have time. Mommy is on vacation! She can do whatever she wants.

2. Break time expectation.

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Your kid is gone. You will miss them, but deep down, you are also kind of okay with it. Day in and day out being a mom is exhausting; you deserve some much needed ‘mom time’.

Break time reality.

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Every time my kid spends the night somewhere or is gone for an extended period of time, I get excited that I get a little vacation from my parental responsibilities. Oddly enough, you are still on autopilot, finding yourself in the child pick-up line at school and have a mini heart attack when you don’t spot your child. Then you realize, “CRAP! My kid’s at camp, and I could have been home an hours ago.” Pregnancy brain… that is still a thing after your kid is born, right?

3. ‘Alone time’ expectation.

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The house is empty, no one around. Finally, you have some much needed alone time with your significant other. This is the perfect time to have date night, and enjoy each other’s company. Break out that bottle of wine, and have yourself some much needed adult time–no interruptions, just each other.

‘Alone time’ reality. 

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Did I forget to mention I have not had a glass of wine in FOREVER? I thought I was going to hang loose like the old days! Have myself a good night, have a few drinks, and loosen up a bit. You get home, kick off your shoes, BUT an hour after you uncork that bottle, it’s lights out buddy! The good news is ‘alone time’ does not have a time constraint. Just remember: even in a hectic life, you need to remember to spend time with each other. The good news is that your kid is going to be gone for a week, so you have plenty of time to get a quality hangout in with your loved one.

How’d it go? Let us know how your expectations measured up to reality in the comments!