We love reading, watching, and sharing inspirational stories about cheer, especially when it involves an entire community. We frequently read about many and this time, our most recent story to share takes us to Denver, Colorado where kids are building their confidence one cheer at a time.

The Youth Alive Cheer Program calls itself a faith-based non-profit. Geared towards children from lower income families, the program provides cheerleading classes for them for a small fee.

As reported by The Denver Channel, the Director of the program, Amanda Dauzat, says the motto of Youth Alive Cheer Program is "building leaders through cheer and faith." Dauzat herself was an at-risk youth growing up and she says that cheerleading saved her life. Cheerleading kept her in school and inspired her growing faith. The Youth Alive Cheer Program is her way of giving back to the community.

Jen England, a volunteer for the program, also knows from experience the power of cheer, having been on her high school squad. She told The Denver Channel that cheerleading really helped her get through high school and her coach was a mentor for her and still is.

The participating children are not only improving their cheerleading skills, but also growing as a strong person. Cheerleading is helping many of the children stay out of trouble, improve their confidence, and learn valuable life skills, like working as a team.

Check out the ABC7 news coverage below:

News Source: The Denver Channel
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