Chassé® in the News

The stylish Sideline uniforms from one of our sponsors, Chassé, were featured in the news on August 29! The San Diego-based company shared the story of a local high school wearing uniforms from Chassé's Sideline collection, which was shown in a NBC7 San Diego news video.

See what Chassé® had to say in its press release and watch the video below!
Chassé® uniforms are popular among school cheer teams, especially local San Diego schools. Chassé® uniforms often appear on teams featured in news stories and videos. The most recent appearance was August 29, in a video news story from NBC7 San Diego (click here to view the video).

The news video is a look at two school activities at Madison High School in Clairemont, the cheer squad and drill team. The cheer squad stylishly performs a group stunt in Chassé® uniforms.

"We love seeing teams, local and national, wearing our uniforms. We always ask customers pictures of their team in their Chassé® gear and enjoy hearing how much teams value our products. Our uniforms, and all gear, are durable and stylish, but at a price point all squads can afford," commented Jessica Rzeszut, Chassé® marketing manager.

The uniforms worn by the Madison High School cheer squad are from Chassé's Sideline collection, with pieces starting at just $21.95.

"The Sideline uniforms are popular among squads of all ages and sizes because of its classic style with a modern twist. The uniforms are double knit with metallic details and come in a few different cuts," added Rzeszut.

School squads can easily reduce costs but still look professional by shopping Chassé's many uniform collections "“ from classic double knit to stretch metallic "“ which are only available at San Diego-based cheer retailers, Campus Teamwear and Omni Cheer.

Chassé® has long been an influence in the cheer industry. The brand has been a five-year sponsor of the popular Cheerleading Blog and its recent magazine, CheerLiving®. Chassé® also was a sponsor for both seasons of Cheer Channel's widely popular web series, "The Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader." This past May, Chassé® signed on two popular cheerleaders, Maddie Gardner and Elle Smith, to be the faces of the brand. Additionally, Chassé® provides scholarships to the 10 cheerleaders part of Cheer Channel's Superstars of All Stars program, which selects the best cheerleaders of the year.

Chassé® has a far-reaching online presence, active on numerous social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+, where the brand interacts with fans and provides the latest cheer news.

"We are so incredibly pleased with Chassé's growth. Cheerleaders love our gear, from our uniforms to our bows. We offer the best deals in the industry and are always leaders in the latest trends," said Chassé® marketing specialist, Melissa Darcey.

For more information on Chassé® or to find them on social media, visit their website. To shop Chassé® products, visit Campus Teamwear or Omni Cheer.

Want to see the video? Click here!