We previously discussed how to follow the "Maddie Model" and stand out from other cheerleaders as a role model and inspiration. 16 All Star cheerleaders proved that true; 10 were announced as Cheer Channel's 'Superstars of the All-Stars' and 6 were runners up. Now, cheerleading apparel company Chassé® announced that it is awarding scholarships to several of those cheerleaders.

This news arrives shortly after Chassé® announced its endorsement deals with recognized cheerleaders Maddie Gardner and Elle Smith.

Check out the official press release below. We are so excited for these All Stars and hope this inspires other cheerleaders to follow in their footsteps.


The 2013 Superstars of All Stars program will now award each member of the exclusive group scholarship money provided by Chassé.

San Diego, May 15, 2013 -- Cheer Channel has partnered with Chassé® to enhance its widely popular "Superstars of the All-Stars" program, and provide some of cheerleading's hardest working athletes with additional opportunities for their future, including nationwide recognition and scholarship awards. Beginning with the 2013 group, members that are chosen to represent the program will now receive funding for their continued education and recreational activities from Chassé.

Each year, Cheer Channel Inc. handpicks its Superstars of the All-Stars. Based on their ability to meet a very high set of standards both as an athlete and a person, the cheerleaders that are chosen represent the cream of the crop in the spirit industry. The standards the Superstars must meet include talent, commitment, dedication, physical skill, leadership, fan support, personality, community involvement, academic achievements, social skills, and respect of teammates and coaches.

"It is with great pride that we select these young women and men who best represent the All-Star cheerleading industry as role models and athletes, and emphasize the meaning of 'spirit' in our industry," said Cindy Villarreal, Cheer Channel CEO.

2013 marks the second year for the Superstars of the All-Stars program. The 2013 Superstars were announced in April and include: Maison Baker, Jamie Andries, Carly Manning, Taylor Minchew, Whitney Sharpe, Dee Temples, Taylor VanDemark, Abbey Burns, Ashley Wilson, and Jennifer Burke.

"We are incredibly pleased to be able to help these Superstars represent cheerleading. They are all the future Maddie Gardners in the industry, showcasing the hard work and dedication required to be a great cheerleader," commented Chassé® marketing manager, Jessica Rzeszut. "These superstars are great role models for cheerleaders, and aspiring cheerleaders, everywhere."

This partnership marks a growing presence for Chassé® in cheerleading world; Chassé® also provided the cheer practice wear and accessories for the first and second seasons of Cheer Channel's web series, Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader.

"We constantly strive to be a leader and innovator in the cheer industry. Cheerleading is more than a sport; it's a lifestyle and these Superstars represent that passion," said Melissa Darcey, Chassé® marketing specialist.

About Chassé:
Chassé® is a leader and innovator in the world of cheerleading apparel and accessories, providing affordable and high-performance in-stock cheerleading apparel to cheerleaders of all ages.

About Cheer Channel:
Cheer Channel, Inc. is a 24-hour online television network dedicated to the athletes and fans of the spirit industry. A premier destination for live and taped videos on industry news, competitions, events, and more, Cheer Channel also produces original scripted and unscripted web series.

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What do you think about these All Stars receiving scholarships? Do they inspire you as a cheerleader?