At length, we've discussed bullying and hazing and how "un-spirited" it is. Many coaches have a no tolerance policy because hazing or bullying can seriously affect a squad. Now, we have a real-life example of how much trouble hazing can cause for a cheer squad. The cheerleaders at Towson , who are part of an award-winning squad, have all been suspended for alleged hazing, as of August 23.

The suspension is nothing to take lightly. For an entire school year, the cheerleaders will hang up their cheerleading uniform and poms. This is the first time an entire team has been suspended for such an incident. Supposedly, someone anonymously reporting the hazing incident in early August. Launching an investigation, the university released a statement saying, "hazing in any form will not be tolerated by Towson . We hold high expectations for all of our students and their conduct as leaders, both on and off campus."

There is no word on what the hazing incident was or how the university came to its final decision. While no one yet knows whether the suspension was academic or just athletic, but either way the team is planning to appeal the suspension.

Like Towson, many schools have a no tolerance policy for hazing. In 2011, a drum major at Florida A&M died from a hazing incident. While suspension may seem extreme, hazing can be fatal, even if the intentions are somewhat innocent. Remember cheerleaders, there's no such thing as "funny" or "playful" hazing or bullying. Picking on an individual or group of individuals is hurtful and dangerous to the victims. One move too far can cost a life or ruin your own.

Check out the video coverage of the incident below, then tell us what you think about this story. Do you think suspending a whole team was too extreme? Or do you think the punishment was deserved? What's your team or school's stance on hazing or bulling? Sound off with a comment below!

News Source: Baltimore Sun