Hear that bell? You know that means school is back in session! Welcome to the fall semester in all it’s glory, and although summer is in your recent past, it already seems you’ve been in school forever. Some things about going back to school aren’t fun, like homework, but some autumn things are awesome (pumpkin spice everything)! Going back to school also coincides with getting new things, and that ranges from school supplies to clothes to even friends! Autumn is an era of change, and you’re going to have to have the right tools to get by. And, some are more valuable than others! We wanted to know what item in particular you’re glued to for the season, so here are the results of our August poll.

We asked, you voted, and now the numbers are in!

1. Coming in as the number one thing most voters are attached to is no shocker: the snooze button! 33% of you are wondering how is it already September? What is happening?!? If you controlled the universe, you’d probably make summer last a lot longer than it does… or maybe not end altogether. Don’t worry, once the semester picks up in a few weeks, it’ll feel a lot more natural to wake up so early every day.

2. In a close second place, 30% of voters said that their fave fall accessory is their cheer bestie. Well, of course you’re not going to go anywhere without them. It took major effort to align your class schedule, and now there’s no need for separation. Ever. #NeverLeaveMe

3. The third most popular answer was still pretty high up there! 25% of voters chose their cheer backpack as their current back-to-school obsession. It holds everything! Plus, a backpack that cheers as much as you do is hard to come by. With so many plain backpacks out there, your cheer backpack shines above the rest!

4. The fourth most voted item, with 10% of voters, is your new school binder. New semesters are like clean slates when it comes to school supplies, and a big binder keeps everything straight! More than that, though, is the fact that fall semester means you get a NEW one–one to deck out with cutouts and callouts of your favorite things! Your obsession with the Biebs is too great to hide this year…

5. The least chosen answer is pretty expected as well. At 2%, your calculator is the most unflavored back-to-school item. But, math is hard this year! Those 2% of voters are sure to thank their tricked out next-level calculators later when winter finals roll around. Now, to just figure out the difference between TAN, SIN, and COS…

For the full results, see the graph below. Don’t forget to vote in our new September poll, that’s now live!

Were you surprised about the results? Are you attached to a back-to-school item that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!