Didn't have a chance to read all of our articles from this month? No biggie! Every month is a big month for cheerleading news but we rounded up a few of our top stories and topics that are must-reads from the past month.

Check out our top picks from the month:

  • One of our favorite stories is from a young cheerleader who has overcome so much in order to keep cheering. Her story is a true inspiration we recommend every cheerleader read it!

  • Cheer parents don't get a pat on the back often enough, considering all that they do. Read what it means to be a cheer parent, whether you're a parent, yourself, a cheerleader, or a coach.

  • This time of year, new squads have formed, which means bonding is a big priority. Read our list of five fun ways to get to know new teammates so your team can be BFFs before summer camp.

  • Coaches will be shopping for new uniforms soon and we're here to help navigate the giant universe of uniforms. Read up on whether double knit or stretch fabrics are best for your squad.

  • The NFL yet again made major news with the announcement of a new service allowing game attendees to "order" NFL cheerleaders to visit them in their seats. Read all about this controversial app and why it's a horrible idea.

What was your favorite piece of news from this month?