Anticipating Cheer Camp (in GIFs)

by omni

Just like with cheerleading tryouts and competitions, cheer camp can elicit a lot of emotions. You know you will have a great time, but the excitement, uncertainty, anticipation, and packing stress can take a toll on you! But, don’t worry: You are not alone. Every cheerleader goes through the same thing before cheer camp. That’s how we know that if you have cheer camp coming up soon, this is what you are experiencing: 1. Camp is two weeks away. Should I start packing yet? No. Take some deep breaths. Maybe channel your pre-camp excitement into exercising so the conditioning part of camp will be a breeze for you. 2. Camp is just a few days away! These next three days can’t go by fast enough! At least you can start packing now! 3. Am I forgetting something? I think I’m forgetting something‚ Yes, you are. Let’s be real. But, someone on your team will be able to help you out. The exception here is (hopefully) your toothbrush. So when you get the feeling that you forgot something, double check for your toothbrush. Everything else you can borrow. But to be extra safe, consult this cheer camp checklist that tells you everything you need to pack. 4. I’m going to die. I should’ve started getting in shape earlier. Yes, you should have. Don’t beat yourself up though‚ the conditioning aspect would be a challenge whether you had prepared better or not. But you’ll survive‚ and you definitely won’t be alone. Cheer camp is basic training for cheerleaders. You’re all going through the same thing. 5. I’m going to get tired of nothing but cheer 24/7. Just kidding. No one would ever say that. What are you looking forward to the most about cheer camp? (GIFs via

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