Well that was fast! In mid-September, Marie Klein, a cheerleader and junior at Walsh Jesuit High School in Ohio, set the Guinness World record for most consecutive back handsprings - completing 42 in a row at her school's football stadium. Marie shared her joy by sharing, "I am real excited to have the record. Now I want to break my own record." Unfortunately, she'll now have to beat another cheerleader's record to stay on top!

Atlanta, Georgia high school cheerleader Mikayla Clark claimed the world record for herself on Friday, October 18, when she completed 44 back handsprings at her school's Homecoming game. The 16 year old has been cheering since she was four and is currently also a member of the Georgia All Stars. Since the beginning of this football season, she has been practicing her back handsprings in order to break the record.

Watch her in action:

News Source: People