The beginning of the year is a great time to set goals for positive changes you want to make in your life, habits you want to incorporate into your routines, and accomplishments you want to achieve. Many people spend the beginning of the year setting these goals, so we have some ideas for goals to set in some of the biggest areas of your life:

  • When it comes to fitness, there are some things you should just be able to do. They will make you a better cheerleader, but maybe even more importantly, they will  give you confidence, which will"”you guessed it"”make you a better cheerleader. Setting, working toward, and achieving goals is what any athlete thrives on. So as you set your goals for this year, include these fitness challenges.

  • Hopefully some of the  goals you set involve incorporating healthy habits and maybe breaking some unhealthy ones.  Cheerleaders need healthy bodies  to keep them going strong! Here are some health resolutions to help you be at your best this year:

  • School isn't everybody's thing, but getting a good education is so important.  Even if you love and excel at school, chances are there's a class or two that you'd love to trade for a different subject (or a nap). So these are easy tips, not ones that ask you to force yourself to do things you REALLY don't want to do. But they will require a little bit of effort, so this year, make it a goal to commit to these six  practices.

What goals are you working toward this year?