There are many different roles in the cheer world: there are the cheerleaders themselves, but also cheer parents, cheer captains, cheer coaches, cheer choreographers, and more! Everyone has their part to play in order to make a well-rounded cheer team be successful every season. And, by participating on any cheer team, you will learn a lot of life lessons along the way that you can carry with you forever–even after you age out, retire, or graduate. Cheerleaders are not only athletes, they are good students, dedicated friends, and motivated individuals in all that they try their hand at; it is only natural that those who cheer eventually become outstanding parents, employees, coaches, and college students. From Day One, cheerleaders learn from their sport as they work to become the best athlete they can be, but that involves learning more than they realize. We’ve put together lists of what you could be learning from others without even knowing it, no matter what your role in the cheer world may be! 

  • Cheer Captains have a tough job, but knowing that you assist in keeping the team together is worth it at the end of the day. While you’re juggling school, cheering, your coach’s expectations, and your team’s morale, you might have a moment to see things about your teammates that you have never noticed before. Even if you’ve been cheering since the day you could walk, you won’t be able to obtain the Two Lessons Cheer Captains Have to Learn From Their Teammates until you have put on the Captain hat for a while.

  • Winning isn’t everything, and there are more than a few times you walk away from a cheer competition with a big loss. It’s discouraging, it’s heartbreaking, but it happens more often than taking home the big trophy and team jackets. It’s not that you will never achieve your cheer dream; it’s just not realistic to expect to win every time. Team leaders are the ones that need to understand that the most, especially with all of the Lessons Coaches Can Learn From Losing Competitions that an better a team in the long run.

  • Sideline cheering is completely different than all star cheering–everyone knows this. But, that doesn’t make one kind of cheerleading better than the other! All stars who don’t participate on their school teams don’t get the same experience as their sideline counterparts. So, here is a list of 3 Things All Stars Can Learn From Sideline Cheerleaders.

  • The big debate about if cheerleading is a sport is getting a little stale, predominately due to states, one by one, starting to declare cheer as a sport around the country. That being said, cheerleaders shouldn’t write off other sports because theirs is surrounded by controversy. Specifically, there are Two Team Lessons that Cheerleaders Can Learn From Other Sports–and doing so will boost your cheer career even higher!

  • Cheer parents and team coaches will probably never see exactly eye-to-eye. However, they are forced to work together to produce the best cheer team possible. Whenever the heat starts to rise on an issue, walk a mile in the coach’s cheer shoes by considering the 5 Things Team Parents Can Learn From Team Coaches.

Are there other lessons in cheerleading that wasn’t covered in these lists? Share what you’ve learned in cheer with us in the comments!