Sometimes, putting your best foot forward means that you have to do so by coughing up a pretty penny. Cheerleading, whether on a sideline or competitive team, costs participants hundreds per year–even thousands, and tens of thousands! The last thing you want to do is pay top dollar for cheer gear, but the problem is, you need gear that is durable enough to go full out at all times… without having to replace it every few months. As a cheer parent or coach, you already are strapped for time, and spending countless hours weighing vendor options for cheer gear is almost laughable. It’s just not going to happen. But, for the sake of cutting cheer costs as much as possible, it’s always good to know where the most affordable, highest quality cheer apparel is hiding. Well, wonder no more! We, at Omni Cheer, are happy to help out, and our latest cheer shoes are what you need for your next season.

First off, this year marks us having the widest variety of cheer shoe brands! On top of Nike®, Adidas®, Chassé®, Kaepa®, Asics®, and ION Cheer®, we now have GK Elite and Nfinity®! The GK Elite Fusion shoe has the grip and grit for any competition team to tuck and tumble in confidence, and any Nfinity shoe sets the standard. New Nfinity additions for 2017 are the Nfinity Vengeance, the Nfinity Rival, and the Nfinity Revolution–all of which are featured in our new Nfinity Boutique online!

And, although new brands have joined the Omni shoe family, we still love to highlight the newest and best in Chassé cheer shoes. This year, the Chassé Ace II steps up to the plate, with gripping panels for stunting ease and textured leather accents. Also new to the Chassé shoe collection is the Chassé Apex. If you need a shoe that is equal parts durable and comfortable, then the Apex shoe is the shoe for you! No matter if you’re on a Level One or a Level 5 competitive team, a school team or a rec team, coaches and cheer parents can take solace in the Chassé brand for providing quality products at the lowest retail prices.

Lastly, if you’re just stuck deciding between brands, there are always cheer shoes made from sporting industry standards of Nike, Adidas, and more! Unlike other sporting goods stores, in-stock cheer companies offer shoes that cater specifically to the needs of cheer teams, so shopping from specialty retailers is always better than winging it at general sporting goods stores. Trust us, that is NOT one way to cut cost and end up paying more in the long run!

No matter your cheer shoe needs, you can always find affordable options at in-stock cheer retailers. Our shoes are not only cost-effective, but featured in cheer publications, such as CheerLiving Magazine®, and are worn by athletes all over the United States–just ask the Chassé Athletes! If you are stressed about fit, our new online features include detailed item reviews, where real customers can comment on exact fit and overall experience ordering from us.

What pair of cheer shoes is your favorite? Let us know what you wear in the comments below.