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The Scorpion is an advanced cheerleading stunt that is a combination of basic cheerleading motions and techniques. The stunt can be done on the ground or in the air as part of a cheerleading stunt group.

These instructions are written for performance on the ground, but once you have the general technique down you'll just need a little hands-on practice to hit the stunt in the air.

This guide introduces the basic steps for the stunt, but should never be used to replace training from a cheer professional.

Increasing flexibility and improving balance are vital training for a cheerleader that wants to master her Scorpion. Without those techniques, a Scorpion cannot be performed cleanly.

How To Perform A Scorpion

Scorpion Stunt for Cheerleading
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  • Stand sideways with your legs together and straight. Your inside arm (not facing the crowd) should be in a Touchdown position, while your outside arm should be straight at your side. When a Scorpion is performed in the air, only one foot will be in grip, so when practicing on the floor, put all your weight on you inside foot (the foot that will stay on the ground).

  • Bend the knee of your outside leg and start to raise it up behind you. As you raise your leg, keep your toes pointed.

  • Your hand should wrap around the outer side of your foot, so that your fingers are resting on the top of your foot and your thumb is resting on the bottom of your foot. Your back will begin to arch "“ let this happen. An arched back is part of the final positioning of a Scorpion.

  • Continue to push your leg up, behind you, with assistance from your arm. To do this, you'll want to twist your arm out and behind you, then push upwards. Keep your leg bent as you push it up "“ the Scorpion does not require a straight, extended leg. And make sure those toes are still pointed!

  • As your foot reaches shoulder level behind you, you'll want to turn your elbow out, so that it points to the crowd. You'll continue pushing up, and your arm will turn up, so that your elbow is just above your ear. You should also start reaching your other arm behind you to grab your foot.

  • Once your other hand connects with your foot, you should place it just above your other hand, with your fingers wrapped around the top of your foot, and your thumb is wrapped around the bottom of your foot.

  • After you have both hands on your foot, push your leg up as high as you can, still keeping a bend in your knee and pointing your toes. Lock the leg that you are standing on for better stability.

  • Your back will arch as a natural movement for this stunt, but you should make sure that you keep your head and chest up at all times. Dropping your chest or your head could cause you to lose your balance and fall forward.

How long did it take you to get your Scorpion? Share your tips with our readers in the comments below!