No cheerleader will be on the same cheerleading squad for her entire cheer career. Everyone moves up levels or changes schools, and some move or join a different All Star team. Whatever the reason for the change, adjusting to a new team doesn't have to be awkward or difficult. Follow our tips and you'll feel fully adjusted to your new team in no time!

  • Be yourself. Perhaps the most important tip we can give is for you to be yourself. Don't feel like you have to be the same as all your new teammates in order to fit in. Be your amazing self. It will help you feel much more confident and at ease.

  • Don't compare. Don't fall into the pit of comparison. It won't do you any good to constantly compare your old squad to your new team. Your teammates will be different, but they're cheerleaders just like you. Just as you did before you'll bond with your new team and make new memories.

  • It's okay to miss your old team. Just because you're on a new team doesn't mean you have to forget about your old one. Even though you've moved on to a different team, that doesn't mean you can't visit them, share advice, or even help out some struggling teammates. If you're on an All Star team, don't think you suddenly have to trash talk your old team if they're now a rival.

  • Find your place. Everyone has a special place on the team. Some are leaders, some are teachers, some are motivators, some provide humor, some are the "moms" of the team, etc. When you join a new team, you may not have the same place on the team as you did on your old one. Don't force anything or try to give yourself a team identity. It will happen naturally. Just enjoy getting to know your teammates and everything will fall into place.

  • Stay in touch with your old team. It may sound strange at first, but a great way to adjust to a new team is to stay in touch with your old team. Your old team can help you with any fears or uncertainties you're having, like giving you advice or just boosting your spirits by reminding you how great you are!

  • Reach out first. Don't wait for a new teammate to introduce herself or talk with you. Take initiative and actively try to get to know your teammates. Talk with the captain or coach about organizing a team outing or get together after practice or use your water breaks to chat with a teammate. Not only will you get to know your teammates faster, it will also show that you are dedicated to your new team and want to be friends with everyone.

What are your tips for adjusting to a new team? Have you had to change teams? How did you adjust? Share your stories!