Many cheer squads fundraise often and throughout the year in order to cut down on the costs of team uniforms, competitions, equipment, and more. Since you'll be spending so much time fundraising, the best way to make the most out of it and to have fun is to incorporate spirit into your fundraising!

Don't rely on old fundraising methods, like door-to-door selling or waiting outside grocery stores for donations. Take action and use that cheer spirit when planning your next fundraiser.

The most traditional way to fundraise is through sales, such as baked goods, candy and cheerleading accessories. However, many squads also host events, like car washes, parties, raffles or scratch-offs, performances, and more. Whichever style you choose to do, you can easily add some elements of spirit to spice things up.

If you choose the traditional route of a sale, create a spirited setting. Decorate your table with banners, pom poms, or other fun accessories. You want people to notice your table or stand right away and you especially want them to be drawn to what you're selling. If you're holding a bake sale, think of fun and creative names for your treats. Rather than just calling it a chocolate cookie, call it a "chock full of cheer" cookie. Or, make sugar cookies into pyramid shapes, or design pom poms on them with frosting.

If you decide to host an event like a car wash, bring a stereo and create lots of signs! Encourage people to participate with upbeat cheer music and colorful banners and signs.

A really great spirited fundraiser idea is to sell "cheergrams" through your school. Like a candygram, you can sell mini pom poms or megaphones. When you go to deliver them, perform a short cheer! This is a great idea to do before a big homecoming game or before prom.

Even if you choose to do a fundraiser as simple as Fun"d" 2 Raise cards where you ask participants to scratch off a card to see how much money they'll contribute, you can add a dose of spirit. If the scratch-off reveals the largest donation amount "“ $2 "“ perform a short cheer for that person as a thank you.
How do you add spirit to your fundraising?