Presents aren't the only thing getting wrapped up this December! The Cheerleading Uniforms Blog is wrapping up another great year in cheer! Here are our most popular blog series from 2011. Read these articles to get all the information that you need on the most important cheer topics, including camp, fundraising, try outs and more! Then, leave a comment letting us know what your favorite cheer moment was in 2011.

Cheerleading Camp Series
Explore our cheerleading camp series to get tips for choosing a camp, getting your team ready, knowing what to expect and keeping the camp spirit alive all year. Here's a preview of the articles in the series:

Cheer Camp 101
Cheerleading camp is a summer tradition dating back to the late 1940s. As the weather gets hot and a new football, basketball and competition season approaches, cheerleaders gather together at a cheer program to learn from professionals, other squads and each other. Check out the article and find out what camp is, who attends camp, where camp is held at and when camp takes place.

How To Get The Most Out Of Cheer Camp
Camp is an important place for cheerleading squads to bond, build trust, learn in a safe environment, improve their skills and prepare for competitions. It is also an invaluable place for coaches to gather materials, information and tips that will help them train and lead their squad. Now that you have decided that your team should kick off cheerleading season with camp, how do you choose the right one and prepare your team for the experience?

What To Expect At Cheer Camp
Now that you know what camp is all about, what can you expect as a coach, captain or new team member? Find out in the third installment of our cheerleading camp series!

Cheer Camp Checklist
Whether your camp is only a few days or a little longer, you want to make sure that you don't forget anything important! Making a list beforehand will ensure you have everything you need so you can focus on learning and teaching at camp. Get started with this list.

Keep The Spirit Of Camp Alive All Season
So now that camp is ending, what's next? What can a squad do to keep their new and perfected cheer (and life!) skills fresh so they can apply them to their season, and pass them along to future squad members? Here are just a few ways to keep camp spirit alive!

Cheerleading Tryouts Series
Explore our cheerleading tryouts series to get the inside scoop on how to be a captain, how to ace your try outs and how to handle try out season as a parent. Here's a preview of the articles in the series:

Tips & Tricks For Cheerleading Tryouts
Tryout season is around the corner! Not to fear! We're sharing everything we know to help you prep for the day of cheerleading tryouts!

Build Your Cheer Dream Team
As a cheerleading coach during tryout season, the pressure is on you to build the perfect squad. You're not only looking for a team that is loud and spirited, can keep a beat, do a cartwheel and is eager to learn, but also meshes well together. With so much competition for a couple of spots on the team, how do you narrow it down to the right future team members?

So Your Daughter Wants To Be A Cheerleader?
Do you know what you are in for as a cheer parent? Here is a quick review of what to expect schedule-wise, financially and emotionally during tryouts, pre-season and the regular season.

Fundraising for Cheerleading Series
Explore our fundraising for cheerleading series to learn how to fundraise for different season, get ideas for fundraising events and more! Here's a preview of the articles in the series:

Keep The "Fun" In Fundraising
Whether you're new and not quite sure where to start, or you're a seasoned professional looking for some fresh ideas, it's important to remember that fundraising can be a fun, and crucial, way for a cheerleading team to receive financial support from its community. If you are leading a team, here are some initial planning points to keep in mind.

Is Door-To-Door Fundraising Dead?
Summer fundraising is an important part of a squad's budget, but it can be a challenge for squads since there are no school-sponsored games or events to use as a fundraising platform. Instead, cheerleaders need to think of innovative ways to reach their community, and convince them to support the squad.

You Can't Win A Competition If You Can't Afford To Go
Competition fundraising happens under different circumstances than summer fundraising. The team is back in school and balancing their homework, practices and game performances. You can't expect them to spend all of their time fundraising. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are planning your competition fundraising, and some ideas to get you started.

How To Give Back To Your Community
You may have noticed when reading the other articles in our Fundraising Series that many of the activities rely on direct donations from members of your community. Not only are they your neighbors, they are also some of your biggest fans and supporters, and your team should make time each year to thank them for their hard work and encouragement. Here are a few ideas to help you launch your own community project.

Prom Series
Explore our prom series to get tips about how to budget and perfectly plan a magical evening! Here's a preview of the articles in the series:

How Much Is Prom Going To Cost You?
Planning your budget may be THE most important step to preparing for prom. Setting detailed and realistic guidelines will help keep your stress levels under control and let you focus on being fabulous. Skipping this step could mean that you'll be at home while everyone else is at the ball. Here are some of the main items to consider.

Plan The Perfect Prom
You don't approach cheerleading at a sporting event or competition without a game plan, so why would you go to one of the most exciting nights of your life without one? Choreograph a prom worthy of a first place finish with these simple planning tips.

How To Perfect Your Prom Beauty Plan: Winning vs. Fail
As a member of the cheerleading community, you understand all the details that go into your performance look. Perfecting a beauty plan for prom is no exception to details, but don't forget to adjust your goals from performance-ready to prom-ready. Here are prom's worst red carpet fails, and the winning ways to avoid them.

Are You Ready For Prom?
The BIG DAY is almost here! Planning your final steps can be the hardest part, since you are starting to get more excited about prom. Use this review to make sure you don't forget anything that you need to do before, during or after prom.

We can't wait to see what cheerleading has in store for everyone in 2012!Before we jump into the new year, use the comments section to share your favorite cheer moment of 2011 with us and our readers! See you in 2012!