A dispute between the NFL's Oakland Raiders and a former and current member of its Raiderettes cheerleading squad has resulted in the team doubling the cheerleaders' pay.

The Raiderettes will now be making minimum wage, which is $9 an hour in California.

"Going from nothing to minimum wage is not a major victory, it's the law," Diane Todd told the LA Times. Diane is a health company project manager whose change.org petition asking NFL teams to pay cheerleaders a living wage has been signed more than 130,000 times since she posted it in December.

Still, the raise is a big improvement for the cheerleaders.

In past seasons, Raiderettes earned $125 per game for 10 games and almost nothing for the hundreds of hours they put in for mandatory practices, rehearsals, and public appearances, LA Times columnist Robin Abcarian reports.

The deal is a step in the right direction for what has been called one of the worst jobs in America, and, Robin continues, it "represents something almost revolutionary in the world of NFL cheerleading: a guarantee that the Oakland Raiders will no longer rip off the women who enliven its sidelines and work as team ambassadors when they are not performing."

You can read the full column for more on this wage battle and the other hardships NFL cheerleaders face, as well as the current and former Raiderettes who brought the issue to light and the varied reactions they get from fellow cheerleaders.