In Katy, Texas, a cheerleading coach at West Memorial Junior High School is under fire for reportedly treating her middle school cheerleaders like animals, humiliating them in front of other students by making them crawl on the floor and "fetch" like dogs. Parents are obviously furious and have filed complaints with the school. When the coach told her cheerleaders they wouldn't be performing one of their traditional cheers anymore, the cheerleaders complained and together wrote a letter to be given to the principal. The coach received the letter and, in front of as many as 70 students, humiliated her cheerleaders.

Reported by KHOU 11 News, cheerleader Carmelita Faulkenberry explained, "she crumpled up the letter, and she started one by one. She threw it across the gym and said go fetch. She was treating us like we were animals, and it's not fair to us." While the coach made each girl crawl across the floor, Carmelita says "while we were doing this, you could hear kids say go fetch and crawl faster."

Many of the cheerleaders reported this incident to their parents who were furious that an adult would treat young cheerleaders in such a way. Carmelita's mother, Raimy Sabido, said that when she heard what had happened, "I was furious. I cried. It breaks my heart because go fetch is a dog. You don't send human beings to fetch a letter."

The Katy School District released the following statement to KHOU 11 News:

"School administrators at West Memorial Junior High are aware of allegations brought forth against a school employee for using connotations deemed inappropriate during conditioning exercises with students on Thursday. School officials and the Katy ISD Human Resource Department are currently investigating. At West Memorial Junior High, allegations as such are taken seriously and are thoroughly investigated."

This is a devastating example of a coach using her power incorrectly. While we know many cheer coaches would never do something like this, this story is a reminder of what a coach should never do.

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