It's a moment in cheerleading history!

Bill Horan, a World War II vetern turned cheerleading coach, is sharing his story of his time in the cheerleading 1965! He used to run clinics for female cheerleaders in Alabama through the American Cheerleaders Association. Horan used many of his military techniques when training these girls at his "cheer boot camp." A big emphasis was placed on the cheerleaders learning traits expected in the military - tenacity, discipline, and resilience.

LIFE magazine, which reported the story, revealed:
Horan conducts his school like a Marine boot camp. The girls pay an average of $45 a week for the privilege of running a mile before breakfast, standing inspection and learning to Sir and Ma'am while they are taught school yells. Horan forbids smoking, gum and soft drinks and holds back mail call until the end of the day so the girls won't be distracted by letters from boy friends.

Think about all the huge strides cheerleaders have made throughout history!

To see the rest of the story and some great vintage photographs, visit LIFE magazine's feature here.