We're impressed! A high school cheerleader from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio has just set a Guinness World record!

Marie Klein, a cheerleader and junior at Walsh Jesuit High School brought a whole new level of excitement and victory to a school football game when she performed 42 handsprings in a row, which set a world record. At the game, which was against Akron's St. Vincent-St. Mary School, Marie performed handspring after handspring while the audience cheered on.

According to Yahoo Sports, Marie said of the event, "It was crazy. I loved the way the crowd reacted. My mom was crying. It didn't feel real at times as I did it. I almost passed out, but I kept going. I am real excited to have the record. Now I want to break my own record."

We can only imagine how thrilling and exciting it must have been! Along with congratulations and accolades from school and community members, Marie was even mentioned on ESPN's SportsCenter. According to ESPN, a previous record was set at 32.

Check out the video below and see the awesome stunt:

News Source: Yahoo! Sports
What do you think of Marie's feat? Are you impressed?