The holidays are over, and we all know what that means–it is time to make those New Year’s resolutions again! I don’t know about you, but I am pretty optimistic at the beginning of the year. However, towards the end of January, life starts to get in the way, and those New Year’s resolutions get pushed aside, usually long forgotten by February. I am here to tell you that this year is going to be different, and I am going to help you keep those resolutions for whatever goals you want to accomplish!

First things first, what do you want your resolutions to be? Most people say they want to lose weight, or to be healthier; some people want to spend more time with their family, and to enjoy their life more. These are all really great goals, but when you really look at them, it is easy to see why people fail. Making a resolution to be healthier is great, but how are you going to do it? You cannot just say you are going to be an astronaut, and expect to be hopping around on the moon the next day. The same is true for resolutions: you cannot have this vague idea of being healthier, or to lose weight without a plan. So, when making resolutions, make them specific. For example, for the month of January, I am cutting out soda from my diet–an obtainable goal that can lay the foundation of a healthier lifestyle.

Once you have made a goal, sticking to it can be hard, so get a buddy. Have someone who will make you accountable for what you want to achieve. Maybe you are trying to finally do a standing back tuck: find a friend who cannot do one either, and work on it together. Or, ask your coach to help you by seeing if they would be willing to stay an extra 5-10 minutes after practice. Any coach would be impressed and ecstatic to help you, and you don’t want to let down your coach, so it will keep you accountable to stick with it! This goal is just like any other goal: once you have the foundation, or you finally nailed the standing back tuck, you can move on and build on that move, or to attempt a harder move by expanding on your original resolution.

Failing at your resolution will happen to most of us–studies show that only about 10% of people actually keep their resolutions every year. This is mainly because they attempt to do too much too fast, and when they ‘fail’, they commit to their failure. Going back to our first example of not drinking soda for a month, say after two weeks of no soda, you are super tired because you stayed up late studying for finals. You are running late, and quickly stop by the store to pick up a Monster soda to just wake you up. Yes, you did not obtain your original goal, but you did do it for two weeks! You slipped up, but that does not mean it is over–it does not mean you have failed. It means you are human, and you had a hard day, which means you should not give up on your goal. Realize that you slipped up, and move forward. Just because you messed up today does not mean you will tomorrow. Don’t let the idea of failure deter you, or hold you back from the end result. You are not going to do a standing back tuck in one day, and the same goes with anything else. You a have to work hard, and you might mess up, but as long as you don’t give in, you can obtain any goal or resolution you want to.

So, this year, you are going to be that 10%! Make a goal that is obtainable and specific. Once you have obtained that goal, build on that resolution: get yourself a buddy, have a support system that will keep you accountable, and keep going on those days that are really tough. Lastly, don’t let one slip up lead to failure. With these simple steps, anyone can keep their New Year’s resolutions. From everyone at Omni Cheer, have a happy and healthy New Year, and we are all rooting for you!

What are other suggestions to help keep New Year’s resolutions? What worked for you? Share your story in the comments!