It is the holidays! It’s the best time of year, and everyone is trying to get into the holidays spirit. If you are balling on a budget, like I am, the holidays can be a little stressful. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get into the holiday spirit though, so here are some simple and low-cost ideas for holiday decorating.

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Room: You can start by decorating your room. My favorite idea is creating a bow wreath: we all know cheerleaders have a ton of hair bows–why not organize them into wreath? The reason I love this idea is that it is simple, and does not require you to buy anything. All you need is a bunch of hair bows and a wire hanger. First, simply reshape the wire hanger into a circle, and add hair bows around the hanger. It is as easy as that! If you keep seeing that pesky wire in between the bows and at the top, you can wrap the wire in twine, ribbon, or even use some paint, nail polish, or some Christmas lights to fancy up the hanger! It is super simple, and even the most novice of crafters can make this! I also like the ideas of using cheerleading socks as stockings: just use a little twine or some clothespins to hang up them up over the fireplace, or in a festive nook of your house.

Vehicle: I think everyone has seen those cars that have reindeer ears and a Rudolph nose, which is a really cute idea, but if that is a little too ‘mom’ for you, there are other simple ways you can decorate your car to get into the holiday spirit. You can go as simple as hanging mittens or candy canes from your rearview mirror, or you use some extra window chalking you’ve got lying around from Homecoming to write a holiday message or draw some snowflakes on your windows. A really easy idea is to stop by your local dollar store, and pickup up some window stickers; you can add a few of those onto your car, plus have the added benefit of simple clean up! If you do decide to add stickers or window chalk to your vehicle, just be sure not to obstruct your view as you drive, or you might be spending that holiday money paying off a ticket.

Locker: I think we can all agree decorating your locker is the most fun! Before you go out and buy anything, first come up with a theme like the Grinch, holiday presents, winter wonderland, or even Frosty the Snowman! Whatever your theme winds up to be, look around your house for things you already have or items you can repurpose into something else, like cotton balls for snow, pinecones to decorate, old Christmas ornaments, old cheerleading hair bows or bow keychains, etc. If you want to make a snowman, use some old poms as the body! Something to keep in mind is to know your limitations: you don’t have a power outlet in your locker, so traditional holiday lights are out of the question. BUT, battery-operated Christmas lights are a great alternative! Also, be sure to know your school rules about locker decorating before you go out and buy anything.

Just remember that the holidays are about having fun, so whatever you decide, make sure you have fun doing it! Happy holidays!

What are other cost-effective and fun ways for cheerleaders to decorate for the holidays? Share your ideas in the comments!