What Cheerleaders Need to Know to be Ready for Tryouts

by omni

While some of us might still be in the middle of competition season and for others our season might be winding down, but we’ve all got one thing in common‚ tryouts are just around the corner! Have you started thinking about those upcoming tryouts? If not, you should. Tryouts will be here before you know it, and the time to get ready is here. I know, tryouts can be intimidating‚ for everyone. It does not matter if you are a seasoned veteran on the team, you are trying out for that college team, or this is your first tryouts ever, there is a lot that goes into being tryout ready. And, the trick to being tryout ready is to starting preparing now. Fitness is a powerful tool that any cheerleader can use for success. Anyone getting ready to tryout should start working on a fitness routine 2-3 months before tryouts. This is the time to strengthen both your body and your mind. As an expert fitness trainer for cheerleaders, I want to help you walk into tryouts with confidence and walk out with a spot on the team. To help you best prepare, I’ve put together a few of my favorite fitness tips and exercises, straight from our Tryout Prep Program. Focusing on fitness can help you: Boost your confidence Build stamina and endurance Advance your tumbling Improve your stunting And most of all, help you make your dream team! Here are some cheer fitness tips and exercises that you should be working on to present your best self during cheerleading tryouts: Tip #1: Formulate a fitness plan. Before anything, you first need to formulate a fitness plan and make sure it is something you can stick to! Commit to your workout 3-4 times a week. Write it in your planner, add it to your calendar, and set a reminder to go off when it is workout time! To create an effective workout you need to: Define your goal Commit to it Switch up your routine with circuit-style training Track your progress Tip #2: Do the best exercises to advance your jumps. Jumps are essential parts of any tryout. To jump higher and with perfect technique, you need to strengthen your quads and core while you build endurance. Plyometric exercises (aka, jump exercises) are the #1 way to make this happen. Here are some of my favorites! Tip #3: Boost your confidence. Fitness builds strength. Strength builds confidence, and confidence is what you need to present your best self at tryouts and MAKE YOUR DREAM TEAM. It is through fitness that you will build that confidence and see results. If you need a confidence boost, I’ve got a special FREE gift for you! I have put together a tryout prep eBook complete with my #1 tips, exercise secrets, and workout guides. And, I want to give this to you this for FREE! Head on over to: www.cheerfittraining.com/tryoutebook and download your free Tryout Prep eBook. Above all, have fun, smile, and use this experience as a great way to learn, grow, and make new friends along the way. You’ve got this! Good luck! Your cheer fitness coach, Danielle www.cheerfittraining.com

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