Call me, beep me, if you wanna breach me…



If you were a ‘90s baby, chances are you remember the redhead firecracker that is Kim Possible. She’s a brain, she’s a beauty, and she's a cheerleader. Kim is the whole package, and then some. In addition to keeping her grades up, participating in extracurricular, and balancing her social life, she takes down supervillains on a nightly basis. The Kim Possible series was way ahead of it’s time.


Kim: You're acting like my life is a piece of cake.

Ron: Let's see, you're smart, athletic, pretty and popular. Sounds pretty cakey to me.


Not only does she defeat villains, she defeats stereotypes. Here’s how:


1)   She’s Brains

Kim may be busy, but she’s always got time for her schoolwork. She maintains a surprisingly high GPA for all of her extracurricular activities and walks through teenage life like it’s nothing. Rarely through the series do her academics struggle, showing that when you’re ambitious and believe in yourself, good things will come your way.


2)   She’s Beauty

Intelligence aside, Kim is always in tip-top shape. Unlike many characters you’d see on television or the big screen, Kim is equally impressive in both categories. No glasses for this brainiac! Oh, and she’s a redhead. Only the most unique hair color for the most unique gal—just another small characteristic that makes Kim break the norms. Hey, wait a second: aren’t all cheerleaders supposed to be platinum blonde? Who let this girl on the squad?


3)   She’s Boss

If you watched Kim Possible at all, you remember Ron. He’s her quirky, timid, stoppable sidekick turned boyfriend. (And who can forget his naked mole rat, Rufus?!) Whereas typically in television and film males take the leadership roles, (in action genres especially) Kim takes the lead here—and a great one at that. Ron is more than happy to follow her lead, and accepts her as more of a natural-born leader than he. Ron is a very laid-back guy, which meshes well with Kim’s strong ambitious personality.



This list only lightly scrapes the surface of all of the stereotypes broken by the Kim Possible series, but we found these to be the most significant. Media has a huge impact on it’s viewers, especially the younger audience. To have an icon like Kim Possible on a network geared towards the younger demographic has the potential to make a huge impact on the way girls are viewed as well as the way they view themselves. 

You can be a cheerleader with brains, a delicate looking crime-fighter, and a top student with a full schedule. Oh, and you can be in charge—even when it comes to your male best friend!   

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