The hair bow is–by far–the most important cheer gear essential ever invented… well, one of the most important anyway. It would be pretty hard to cheer without shoes or a uniform, but we digress. It’s definitely one of the top five must-have items for any cheerleader, and luckily, it comes in all shapes and sizes–not to mention patterns! Being such a staple, the hair bow is a symbol of cheer power. Cheerleaders represent their sport from bow to toe, after all! Since the market is saturated with amazing hair bows, we wanted to know which kind is your favorite.

In our last month’s poll, we asked what your fave bow pattern is and over 300 of you let us know! We asked, you voted, and now we reveal the results:

1. Winning by a landslide was ‘anything with glitter’! This answer was chosen by 47% of voters–that’s right, nearly half! We’ve always known that cheerleaders love glitter, so it’s no shocker that this pertains to their hair accessories as well. Plus, what other way can you add flair to your hair than to make it shimmer and sparkle? Luckily, most hair bows have some shine to them, so shop away, glitter all stars!

2. Coming in second at 22% was rhinestone! Studded rhinestone hair bows still have that special sparkle to them without getting glitter on everything it touches. Rhinestone bows definitely have that extra dimension to them, and make cheerleaders look like royalty with a diamond-like quality. What’s more, cheer retailers have jumped on the bedazzling bandwagon, and the days of cheerleaders getting crafty with their hair bows are no longer necessary! Bling lovers, rejoice!

3. In a close third place, at 20%, came Chevron! This funky bow pattern is super trendy, with parallel lines that hypnotize crowds and rivals alike! Chevron really shows a squad’s personality, especially with glitter added. Although this pattern was a 2015 top-seller, it seems to be taking a backseat to this year’s most coveted hair bows. But, the pattern is so fresh, it’ll never truly go out of style!

4. Sequin came in fourth place, with 9% of voters saying it’s their favorite. Sequins give a hair bow a fancy, almost classic look. Although less favored in this poll, the sequin style of hair bow will always be an oldie-but-goodie.

5. Coming in last, with only 1% of votes, is disco. It’s sad, but true–disco is dead. However, there’s still a small minority out there that prefer it, and we commend that! Way to go against the grain and stand out with your retro ways!

Whatever your bow pattern preference, we have them all! Browse our whole collection here, and see the full results below. Also, don’t forget to vote in our new poll for May!

Were you surprised about the results? Do you have a favorite bow pattern that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!