In a way, cheerleading is crazy. Girls and boys fly through the air, flip, toss, turn, and perform extremely flexible stunts. Many of them trust teammates to throw them in the air and catch them. But in the end, it's worth it because cheerleading is fun and awesome.

As an ode to the amazing but sometimes craziness of cheer, we're sharing 8 jobs that are even crazier than being a cheerleader (and some of them may even be so cool they give cheer a run for its money):

  1. A NYC Taxi Driver Have you seen New York City streets? They're crowded and crazy at all times in the day. Now imagine driving a car, day and night, through stressful traffic. Other drivers yell at you; sometimes you have to drive weird or angry people; and when (and where) do you get to take a bathroom break? If you haven't been to New York, watch a movie based in New York City and you'll understand.

  2. Personal Shopper. You get paid to help someone shop. You spend your days at the mall and in awesome stores that probably sell some pretty amazing things. This isn't a crazy job... it's just crazy that you can get paid to do it.

  3. A Hand or Foot Model. Yet another job where you get paid to do fun things. Your day includes getting a pedicure or manicure and then relaxing while wearing expensive rings or shoes.

  4. Resort Waterslide Tester. Yes, apparently this is an actual job. This job is a combination of fun and craziness. First, you get to test out fun rides people normally pay to experience. On the other hand, you're testing them to ensure they're actually fun and safe for people. This means your safety may occasionally be at risk. I'd pass on this one because I have a weird fear of getting stuck in a waterslide that's too small for me.

  5. Barbie Dress Designer. Did you know that there are dozens of people on staff designing dresses and gowns for Barbie (as in the doll)? That's right! Your day is spent creating pretty dresses for dolls that girls love. Crazy? Yes. Fun? Probably!

  6. Ice Cream Taster. It's not a lie. It's a real job! While the professional term is "food scientist," I would definitely want to be an ice cream taster. It's a crazy and unusual job but also pretty amazing.

  7. Cruise Ship Entertainer. Have you ever been on a cruise ship? Some of them have some pretty crazy entertainment shows, like flamethrowers and jugglers and acrobats. Just like cheerleading, it requires a love of performing!

  8. Disneyland Personality. How fun (and maybe at first weird) would it be dressing up like Snow White all day and hanging out at Disneyland? A lot of fun.

Would you want to try any of these jobs?